Writing an A-Range essay for 20th Century Germany is not about highlighting notes or about how much you know but it is about learning to argue your answer in 45 minutes. Director of Studies, Fergus Gardiner, is passionate about helping students achieve breakthrough moments in their understanding of Modern History and what the Board of Studies is asking of them.

Through our online tuition service, FergHSC online, students across NSW can now access Ferg’s secrets to writing a great Modern History essay for the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. Ferg will show you HOW to use the information you have been given by your teacher at school.

Fergus has been teaching Modern History for over 30 years and has worked with 100′s of students out of his HSC tuition centre in Bondi Junction running Modern History classes and workshops for many years.

Our online course includes:

  • Overview lessons on the Weimar Republic 1919 to 133
  • How to write an A-Range essay on the Weimar Republic 1919 to 1933
  • Overview lesson on Nazi Germany 1933 to 1939
  • How to write an A- Range essay on Nazi Germany 1933 to 1939
  • 4 x Sample excellent essays with Markers Comments
  • Sample HSC Style questions for The Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany
  • Forum to ask questions

Below is a preview to the HSC Online Modern History course for 20th Century Germany

Members who purchase this course will also be able to submit a practice essay to our experienced HSC marking team for feedback on how to improve it for your assessment task, your Trial Exams and your Final HSC Exams.

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