HSC Extension English tuition workshops

Date: Friday 23rd of November 4pm to 7pm


These 3 hour intensive tuition workshops give you the opportunity to come to terms with a number of issues that you will face in preparation for assessment tasks or any upcoming exams.

Students who attend our Extension English workshops will:

  • Create Essay Building Templates for your Prescribed Texts
  • Come to understand the paradigms that shape your course
  • Build the vocabulary that is appropriate for a great response
  • Support and help with your related texts

The Extension English 1 workshop is suitable for all Extension English 1 electives including:

  • After the Bomb
  • Crime Fiction
  • Navigating the Global
  • Science Fiction
  • Romanticism
  • Textual Dynamics

Our HSC Extension English 1 teacher Fergus is running this workshop

The cost each 3 hour workshop is $176.00. Included in the fee is the marking of two of your HSC Extension English 1 essays. In order to access these free markings you will need to be a member of our HSC tuition website,


If you have any questions about the FergHSC Intensive Workshops please feel free to contact us on 1300 967 890.

To book your place in a FergHSC intensive tuition workshop please visit our HSC workshop bookings page.