FergHSC builds skills that provide pathways to HSC success.  Proven through thousands of HSC success stories throughout Sydney, FergHSC students learn how to turn the content they learn at school into high scoring assessment and exam results.

  Small Group Tuition

We believe writing is a skill, not a talent.

FergHSC students are highly successful because before entering the exam hall they have written many essays and worked many problems, they have had honest feedback on how to improve, and they have gone through a structured process of improvement, be that internal school results or in the HSC exams. At FergHSC we know that a successful HSC campaign is built around being an independent learner where the student takes responsibility for their learning.


Our learning spaces are referred to as “the offices” as we like to treat students like adults. At “the office” effective learning and great results are the key agendas. Whilst we have extensive resources available to students, our focus is on making progress with essay writing or exam style questions. We believe there is nothing else like it in Sydney!

Our objective is for students to walk out of class each week having made progress with a particular task as well as having a very clear direction on how move forward with an essay or topic. At FergHSC we give students the opportunities and tools to become independent learners.


HSC student studying English

  Personalised Learning

Learn at your own pace

At FergHSC we focus on practicing the application of ideas by learning through experience.  FergHSC students are recognised as young adults with ability that can be polished and improved no matter what your level.  BUT, don’t come to FergHSC thinking you’ll be given loads of repetitive homework, we are about developing brilliant skills that can be applied in any subject. That means being prepared to have a go and make mistakes, your mistakes today are you extra points tomorrow.

FergHSC’s face-to-face services are in Sydney’s Bondi Junction and Mosman.  Both centres have fantastic access to public transport and provide a dynamic atmosphere of like minded students doing their best to get better marks.  Some students just want to get into university with an ATAR of 85 or 90, some are looking to get 99 rather than 98. Regardless of what you want to achieve in your HSC year we can help you create your own pathway to HSC success and help you become an independent learner, a crucial skill for a University degree and in your own career.


  Programme Inclusions

Weekly sessions

Each week you will attend your weekly allocated session where we will be working with you on whatever you are working on at school at that particular time. Our team of expert tutors and teachers will be supporting you towards improving your next assessment result.

Weekend Supervised Study Sessions

Each weekend our face to face students have access to the office where they will be able to work on their own work with the benefit of having some of our expert tutors around to answer any questions and help out with what your working on. Students are also invited to make use of our extensive library of past papers, text books, related texts and sample band 6 responses.

Full Online Members Access

Each of our face to face students has access to the online tuition package and access to the members section, regardless of which subject your enrolled in.

July and October Holiday programmes

In the July and October holidays we run full revision programmes to ensure that students are fully prepared for their Trial Exams(August) and the Final HSC Exams(October). For students wanting to increase their effort levels in the holiday periods we also run Study Bootcamps which provide an intensive study environment. Our Study Bootcamps are not included in our monthly fees and are limited to the first 25 applicants.

Mock Trial / Mock HSC Exams

Our Mock exams allow students to get practice under real exam conditions and find out exactly where their weaknesses and strengths are so they can perform at their best in the real exam.  Exams are marked and returned by experienced HSC markers to provide feedback and direction before the trials and HSC.


We offer tuition in the following subjects

  • HSC Standard English
  • HSC Advanced English
  • HSC Extension English
  • Year 11 English
  • Year 10 English
  • HSC Modern History
  • HSC Chemistry
  • HSC General Maths
  • HSC 2 Unit Maths
  • HSC 3 Unit Maths
  • Year 10 Maths
  • HSC Economics
  • HSC Business Studies
  • HSC Physics


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