Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know about my results. In English Adv my assessment mark was 94 and my exam mark was 95 which gave an overall mark of 95 and my ATAR ended up being 95.15. Thankyou so much for all the help and support throughout the year - I definitely wouldn’t have achieved this mark without you guys.

Thanks again!”

Hey Ferg,

I just wanted to say thank you!!! Got some pretty good HSC results, especially in English. I got an assessment mark of 87, and an exam mark of 91 which gives an overall mark of 89. This exam mark would not have happened if I had not come to you for the end of the year… I wish I had come sooner!

So thanks so much!!!”


Hi Jesse, I got an ATAR of 97.40. I have Ferg to thank for this unexpected result, as I got 90 in English Advanced. My other results were 94 in Business Studies, 93 in Economics, 94 in Maths 2 unit and 89 in Modern History. Many thanks!!”


HSC 2011 J.C.
Hey Ferg,

Your help was phenomenal!! I ended up going so much better than I expected with 94 in advanced English and 46 in ext English. I was so excited!! Overall I ended up with a uai of 99.4, which I was extremely pleased with. There is no way I would have got that uai without your help and support both with English but also throughout the entire year. Bondi is more than just a tutoring centre but served as somewhere to relax and catch up with people, a tutoring centre which I didn’t dread going to (obviously a compliment). Anyway I wanted to thank you again for all your help throughout the year. At the moment I’m still waiting to hear if I got into medicine but have interviews at 3 uni’s, but with my uai I can get into any science/maths course I want. So thank you again!

“Dear Fergus,

Julian and I wanted to thank you for all your efforts with Julian over the past year. Your support and guidance to Julian have been a significant factor we feel in Julian’s strong HSC results and I know that Julian certainly feels the same way and thoroughly enjoyed working with you. Your enthusiasm for learning and your pragmatic approach to teaching has helped Julian with not only his HSC result but also given him a strong foundation for his University studies and future career”

HSC 2012 R.S.
Hi Jesse!

I hope you had a good honeymoon, welcome back! I was extremely pleased with my results and would like to thank you so much for all you and Ferg’s help, as well as all the tutors at the office. I got an ATAR of 96.65, which was much higher than my goal of just a 90, and achieved a Band 6 in English advanced, PDHPE, French continuers, French extension and Band 5′s in General Maths (86, thanks Adrian!) and Bio (86 aswell). I have put Combined Law at Sydney and UTS for my preferences with a backup of international studies or Arts in case I don’t get in. Thanks again for your help, especially in regards to English, before I came to Ferg I was getting 60%’s in most of my assessments and it all just went uphill from there and I never thought I could get a Band 6 but I did!

“Hi Fergus,

We just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team. If you can recall we came to see you at the start of Peter’s Year 12 as Peter’s teacher didn’t think he was capable of doing Advanced English. He ended up getting a UAI of 88.3% which far exceeded our expectations. His English Assesement mark was 83% and his Exam mark was 85%. We believe this fantastic result was largely due to you and your team. You were a great inspiration to Peter. Peter hopes to do Economics at UNSW or Business Studies at UTS. Once again thank you and we will be strongly recommending your centre to friends and family”


Hey Ferg,

Hope your well! Just letting you know how I went. For English HSC exam mark i got 90! Which I added 20 marks on from my trial! That gave me an overall mark of 86. For modern I got 84. Drama i got 93.Music i got 94 and dance i got 82. Not sure what my UAI will be but i’m happy with my marks. Could not have done it without you! Thanks Pheobe.


Hey Ferg,

It’s Vince; Just a quick update, I just got my HSC results today, so I thought I’d share them with you - more specifically English. I think you’d remember that the first night I came to Ferg was the night before my trial, in which I got a shocking 61/105; however, with constant revision and marking I slowly evolved my essays from 10′s to finally 18-19′s. Coming out of the examination, I didn’t know what to expect- the questions moulded quite nicely and I was feeling substantially confident, however, by no means was I ready for the marks that I was going to achieve. In the actual HSC exam, I got a score of 91, however, regrettably, I had an assessment mark of 83 which brought me down to an 87- still amazing. If I was to give one piece of advice to any HSC student, it would be to go to Fergs- without your help, I would have been lucky to scrape through with a 75. Just for the record, I ended up with an ATAR of 90.25 :) so I’m ecstatic! Cheers.”


“Hey Ferg,

i was very pleased with my result and should get into the course that i want, which is amazing :) the mark for me was very unexpected also as i got 86.6. my English exam mark was 87 and my assessment mark was 84, therefore in the end i got 86, which i was extremely happy with! thank you for all of your help, you have no idea how much you helped me. being able to write properly meant a pick up in most of my other subjects where essays were crucial, so thank you very much :) good luck with everything as the hsc cycle starts once again for you. thank you.”


Hi Ferg and Jesse,

Further to my phone call, just wanted to re enforce how grateful I am for all your help with our children over the years. Tom would never have got Band 6 in English this year without your help. I have really appreciated how thoughtful and involved you have been with each student. Sadly, I have no more school children but will be recommending your assistance to anyone who asks. Regards and Happy Christmas.”


“Hi Ferg ,

I got all band 5s, uai: 83.45 so i qualify for max.5 bonus points for nearly all the uni courses i’m interested in. Ive applied for B.Commerce/B.Applied finance - accounting (Macquarie)(u need 86.55 but ill probably bring in the extra 5 bonus points bringing me up to 88.45 in the selection criteria). its the course i wanted to do and im really really happy :D with this once again i’d like to thankyou for the help and support and if u need me for anything just let me know. thanks. Ur a real life saver!!!!!! thank you”.


“Dear Ferg,

Thankyou so much for your tutoring in the past year! I cannot believe I could go from failing nearly all my assessments (9/20) to “kicking butt” in the HSC scoring 80! I would never thought before I came to you that it would be possible to pass, let alone achieve these results! The best part about Interactive English, was that you were always confident in me and optimistic no matter what my results, even the (6/20) Wordsworth,Malouf in the trials!! My ranking jumped from 58/64 to 36/64 in the trials! That was incredible! Once again Ferg, thankyou so so much for your help. I already miss Thursday afternoon at the office! Best Wishes and thanks again”.


Hi ferg and jesse,

Andrew did so well in his final exams, Bus stud 90, eng 80, geog 92, maths,95 art, 92, he really got great exam marks, hsc marks were 89, 79, 91, 93 90, atar 91, he was really pleased and I was relieved it was over. Thankyou so much for your great support, not only for Andrew but jody, michael and adam, all finished at last. They were all so lucky to find you and find a place of support and learning, as this exam seems to get harder and harder, especially Andrew who had to live up to his brothers and sisters mark, have a wonderful short holiday and thankyou again so much for everything, keep up your great work, many thanks again.”


Hey Ferg and Jesse,

Just emailing to say that I got my ATAR yesterday and was thrilled to learn that I got 97.3!!! I got band sixes in both histories, both English subjects and drama. I’ve probably already said this but I just wanted to thank everyone at fergHSC again, without Ferg’s help and Jesse’s motivation I definitely would have been lost. Also send my thanks to Henry, Leah and Rajneet for their help as well. Looking forward to the cocktail party, and if you ever need help around the office please let me know because I’d be happy to help the new set of HSC students :) Thanks again.”


Dear Ferg, I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in helping me achieve my final HSC result. I am very happy with my marks and have been notified that I was successful in my first University preference, although I have deferred to travel the seven seas!). Thank you for your tireless work, encouragement and support. I don’t think I would’ve got half the mark I did without your help. Mum and Dad were ecstatic when they saw me in the honour roll for English so thank you! HSC 2012  

Hi Ferg and Jesse,


I’m writing in to let you know how I went with HSC results, and also to thank the team at FergHSC for being an incredible source of support over the last two years, not only through tutoring classes but also through the amazing online resources and additional weekends at the office.


I received a 93 in English Advanced, 46 in English Ext I, 97 in Maths Ext I, 94 in Maths Ext II, 94 in Chemistry and 91 in Economics. As a result I was listed as an All-Round Achiever and received an ATAR of 99.55, which I am incredibly happy with, and could not have achieved without the aid of the office, particularly in the case of my English marks. I have also accepted an offer to study Medicine at UNSW starting this year, and I’m thoroughly excited for the beginnings of tertiary education.