What is included in the tuition fees?

1) Weekly 1 hour 20 minute session where we are working on whatever your student is working on at school at that particular time within that subject.
2) Unlimited access to all FergHSC online courses.
3) Unlimited essay marking from our team of experienced HSC markers
4) Access to the office for Saturday and Sunday mornings (9am to 12pm) tutor support and supervised study during the term
5) Holiday revision seminars for Year 12 students in the June/July holidays and September/October Holidays leading into the Trial Exams and the Final HSC exams respectively.
6) Mock Trial Exams for enrolled subjects in the June/July and September/October Holidays.

Do you offer one to one tuition?

All of our classes are a group tuition which allows us to cover the topics of where we are in the HSC cycle, time management, how to study effectively and the very important motivation each week. Our service offers a collaborative learning environment where our teacher student ratio is 1 to 3 students. We have a maximum of 14 students in our learning space at any one time and our other services such as weekend tutorial support, 24/7 online tuition and access to HSC markers online makes ours a much more comprehensive approach than being visited once a week by a tutor.

What if my child misses their lesson?

Each week we run a catch up session on Friday at 4pm running through to 5:20pm. In this session students are completing the same exam style task that was completed in their missed session as well as continuing to prepare for any upcoming assessment tasks and exams.

Who will be teaching my child?

All of classes are run by our our team of highly experienced HSC teachers and tutors. We meet each day 2:30pm to prepare for the day’s classes and continually monitor student performance and engagement. All of our teaching staff complete comprehensive training on an ongoing basis to ensure that the delivery of service is of the highest quality. Our tutors are mentored from their commencement of employment as a Junior tutor through to tutor, then onto becoming a senior tutor and ultimately a Team Leader. Our experienced HSC teachers are always in the office and classroom to support students.

What happens at the weekend expert support and supervised study?

At our weekend expert tutor support and supervised study we have two of our tutors providing additional support to students as well as providing an informal mentoring programme. Our tutors are all high achieving past HSC students who are able to relay their own experiences and act as a positive influence to your child as they progress through their own HSC campaign. We also use the weekends to have students participate in practice assessment tasks, which are marked and returned to your student during their allotted class time.

What holiday programmes are offered?

Included in your tuition fees are holiday revision programmes in the July and October holidays for our Year 12 students to prepare students for the Trial Exams and the final HSC exams. This revision programme includes seminars and Mock Trial Exams and will slightly differ between the different subjects however a student would be expected to be at the office between 8 and 10 hours per subject in each set of holidays. Over the holiday period, Study Bootcamps are an optional extra and are not included in regular tuition fees. We do not offer any holiday programmes for Years 9, 10 and 11.

My child needs exam practice, can you help with this?

Exam performance in the final year of your child’s schooling is extremely important as up to 75% of students HSC results will come from their performance in the exam room. We prepare our students for exam situations by starting each weekly session with a short exam style task as well as running full Mock Trial Exams for each of our subjects in July and October to prepare students for the Trial Exams and the final HSC Exams.

Why choose FergHSC?

FergHSC has been providing high quality tuition out of our Bondi Junction tuition centre since 1996 in this time we have worked with thousands of students who have travelled from all over Sydney to join our programme. Our online HSC tuition platform allows your student to be fully supported 24/7 through the extensive resources and tools as well as being able to receive detailed feedback from experienced HSC markers.

Our focus is on building skills that provide pathways to success in the HSC. FergHSC students learn how to turn the content they learn at school into high scoring assessment and exam results as well as becoming an independent learner for ongoing tertiary success.

How do I enrol my child?

Before any child starts at FergHSC we always have a meeting with yourself, your child and Fergus our Director of Studies to properly introduce our programme and allow you to ask any questions you might have. We see this initial meeting as being crucial to us being able to support your child in the achievement of their goals.

Do you offer tuition for other years?

We offer tuition for students from Years 9, 10 and 11. Please contact us for more information about tuition for these years.

Do I get a discount if I pay upfront?

A 5% discount will be applied to your fees if payment is made in full upfront by either Credit Card, Cheque or Direct Deposit. If you decided to discontinue tuition for any reason you will just need to give 30 days notice and we will refund you for the time remaining. Please note that cancellations are not accepted after July 1st for HSC students(Year 12) as we do not accept any new enrolments for HSC students after this date.

Still have questions? Contact us to book in for a non obligation meeting with our Director of Studies, Fergus Gardiner.