We understand that school holidays are a tough time for students with so many distractions. Being at home, at friend’s houses or the local library, each have many distractions when you are trying to study.  

Get Serious Work Done

Distractions are fine, but why not put a solid 3 or 4 hours of quality study in each Bootcamp day. At Bootcamp students are accountable to Bootcamp staff as well as themselves and by working in a positive environment with other students who are also working they will more easily be able to stay focused and accomplish their goals. Bootcamp is catered for students who like the idea of getting the most out of their school breaks and working towards a great HSC result. It is a structured environment, no Facebook or YouTube, just time to work through activities that will see you ahead of the pack on your return to school.

Our January and April Study Bootcamps aim to prepare students for upcoming assessment tasks and reduce the inevitable assessment workload and stresses that occur during Term 1 and 2 as schools race through the course. Our July and October Study Bootcamps focus on exam preparation in preparation for your Trial Exams and Final HSC Exams which will account for approximately 70% of your HSC results. At these bootcamps we are looking at improving exam performance and technique to get that extra 5-10% when you need it most aswell as how to stay motivated through the whole journey.

  • Work in a space with other motivated students
  • Stay focused without distractions
  • Work with our expert tutors who know how to get the top marks
  • Build your ideas and mind maps on our whiteboards
  • Use of WiFi, our photocopier and HSC resources
  • Learn how to study effectively in the holidays
  • Network with other students who have the same goals to succeed.
  • Set goals and strategies for achieving your goals with FergHSC staff

Learn the habit of time management with daily “To-Do” lists

Creating a daily “To Do” list ensures that students stay on task and work effectively in the time allocated. Students who develop the habit of creating to do lists work better independently. At each Bootcamp students will be handed out a “Daily To Do List” for them to fill out what they would like to achieve in that study session. Each study session is typically broken into 30-60 minute highly specific tasks. Across the course of each sessions students are supported by our team of expert HSC tutors to help them successfully move through their list of tasks. As well as having tutorial support on offer students all have access to all of the office facilities and bank of HSC resources. As we get closer to the Trial Exams and the Final HSC Exams we will set mini exams for students to complete to further prepare them for their upcoming exams

Motivation at FergHSC

At FergHSC we believe that the HSC is an opportunity for students to stand up and tell the world that they are ready for the challenges that are going to be presented to them in life. When a student has given their best efforts towards creating a great HSC result they can hold their head up high and forever look back on how they dealt with this challenge for inspiration to overcome their next challenge. We are always looking for inspirational stories and videos to share with our students.



Is it right for me?

The FergHSC study bootcamps are suited for any student who is motivated towards achieving a great ATAR. Bootcamps are perfect for students who want to learn better study habits and techniques as well as those students who are highly motivated and just want to keep the momentum going and work in an environment that is aligned to their HSC goals. Having operated Study Bootcamps in Bondi Junction since 2009 we have worked with a huge variety of students to help them to continue to work towards and achieve their HSC goals. There are only two requirements of students attending bootcamp, firstly you must want to do well and secondly you are prepared to put the required work in to do well.


Bootcamps are held in the FergHSC Bondi Junction offices which is close to trains and buses.

Studying through school breaks can be tough, why not join the FergHSC team and other students for rewarding study sessions in a positive and inclusive atmosphere?

Accelerator Bootcamp Jan 2013Mid HSC Bootcamp Apr 2013