January 2013 to October 2013 will go much faster than you think

Thanks to the popularity of our bootcamp program, the January accelerator program is now full!

The December and January Holidays are a great opportunity for students to get some rest in as well as prepare for their final 3 terms of their schooling life as well as a fantastic opportunity to complete some of the course work that will be completed in Terms 1,2, and 3.

During Terms 1, 2 and 3 students will need to complete a seemingly endless assessment schedule, mid-year exams, Major Works and Trial Exams as well as completing sporting commitments, 18th birthday parties, driving lessons and so on. By completing the required school work ahead of what is being completed as school students will be able to reduce some of the workload and stress from later in the year.

When school does start a particular module or area of work, students who have accelerated the course at our Bootcamp need only review the work that they have already completed and start preparing for the assessment at hand.


At Bootcamp students work on whatever subject they would like most to focus on. We will be monitoring what students are working on to ensure that they spend an equal amount of work across their HSC units. We encourage students to work in 30 minute to 60 minute blocks on tasks and subjects to stay fresh and focused. The first task of the day is to complete a ‘Daily To Do” list which asks students to outline what they intend to achieve in that bootcamp session. FergHSC staff are then able to monitor the output of each student. Should a student need assistance in determining what tasks will be of the most value we will assist them.  

  • Start Term 1 on fire and ahead of your peers
  • Develop strong holiday study habits
  • Learn the FergHSC systems for writing essays used by our face to face tuition students
  • Reduce Term 1, 2 and 3 workload and stress
  • Receive tutor support with any holiday work/assignments
  • Learn how to study effectively in the holidays
  • Network with other students who have the same goals to succeed.
  • Start preparing for your Trial Exams in January

 Boot Camp rules 2013

  • Strictly no facebook/YouTube or any other web “surfing”
  • Students must respect other student’s right to study and general chit chat will not be permitted. If you would like to talk you must leave the office for a “chat” then get back to work.
  • Students who are seen to be distracting will be asked to leave that particular session although this has never occurred as the students who attend bootcamp generally want to get work done.
  • The office will not be available for non boot camp students during the boot camp sessions.

Bootcamp pricing

Face to face tuition student currently enrolled in one subject: $262.00

Face to face tuition student currently enrolled in two subjects: $131.00

Face to face tuition student currently enrolled in three subjects: Complimentary

Non-face to face tuition student: $525.00 includes bonus $150 worth of FergHSC credit which can be used for our online HSC English courses including 3 x essay markings. If you have already purchased your FergHSC online courses we will convert this $150 to FergHSC marking credits to be used throughout your HSC year.

 Getting Started

Due to the limited spots available at the Bondi Junction office, bookings are essential. To get your spot simply be one of the first to send an email to tutoring@ferghsc.com.au. An invoice will be sent to you with payment options.


 Accelerator Bootcamp locations, dates and times

Location: Bondi Junction Centre Only

- Monday 21st January 2013 12 to 4pm          - Thursday 24th January 12 to 4pm

- Tuesday 22nd January 2013 12 to 4pm         -  Friday 25th January 12 to 4pm

- Wednesday 23rd January 2013 12 to 4pm


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