The business end of your HSC campaign has arrived….

The focus of the July holidays must be on preparing for your Trial Exams by completing exam style tasks under exam conditions each day. Up until now your focus of your HSC campaign has been assessment tasks. Now we are in exam zone. This Bootcamp is designed to teach you how to play the exam game.

Avoidance of completing exam style tasks and instead opting to tidy your room, organise your notes, and then highlight your notes will not allow you to get the marks you want.

The Pre-Trials bootcamp runs for 4 hours each session and covers 66% of what students should be studying each day over theses holidays (we recommend a minimum of 6 hours study per day). This means that bootcamp attendees only need to complete 2 hours each day on their own. We place the Bootcamp at the end of the day (4pm to 8pm) so that we can push students at the end of the study day when students are struggling to continue to working. Our HSC Study Bootcamp is the final push each day.

Bootcamp attendees are accountable to our tutors as well as themselves via the “Daily To Do List” which is completed at the start of each session. In addition to selecting their own exam style tasks we will also provide 30 minute to 45 minute tasks for students to complete under exam conditions followed by feedback from our team of trained and HSC expert tutors.

Our team of high achieving tutors know what it takes to get the top marks and will mentor bootcamp attendees to achieve their own high marks.


  • Get ready for your Trial exams by practicing exam style tasks with expert support
  • Develop strong holiday study habits
  • Achieve 50% of your daily study requirement in a supportive and positive environment
  • Eliminate procrastination and be accountable to Bootcamp staff.
  • Work without the distractions of home, friends at the library, facebook and YouTube.
  • Receive tutor support on any topics you are unclear on.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your study
  • Approach the Trial Exams with confidence
  • Work in a space with other students who are motivated to do well.

 Rules of Boot Camp 2013

  • Strictly no facebook/YouTube or any other web “surfing”
  • Students must respect other student’s right to study and general chit chat will not be permitted. If you would like to talk you must leave the office for a “chat” then get back to work.
  • Students who are seen to be distracting will be asked to leave that particular session although this has never occurred as the students who attend bootcamp want to get work done.
  • At each bootcamp session students must attempt at least one exam style task (minimum 30 minute task per session)
  • The office will not be available for non boot camp students during the boot camp sessions.


 Mid HSC Bootcamp locations, dates and times

We will be running a Mid HSC Bootcamp at both our Bondi Junction and Mosman tuition Centres

Week One

- Monday 1st July  4pm to 8pm          - Thursday 4th July 4pm to 8pm

- Tuesday 2nd July 4pm to 8pm         -  Friday 5th July 4pm to 8pm

- Wednesday 3rd July 4pm to 8pm

Week Two

- Monday 8th July 4pm to 8pm          - Thursday 11th July 4pm to 8pm

- Tuesday 9th July 4pm to 8pm         -  Friday 12th July 4pm to 8pm

- Wednesday 10th July 4pm to 8pm

Students have the option to attend one week or both weeks. Prices quoted below are per week.


Bootcamp pricing (Per week)

Face to face tuition student currently enrolled in one subject: $262.00

Face to face tuition student currently enrolled in two subjects: $131.00

Face to face tuition student currently enrolled in three subjects: Complimentary

Non-face to face tuition student: $525.00 includes bonus $150 worth of FergHSC credit which can be used for our online HSC English courses including 3 x essay markings. If you have already purchased your FergHSC online courses we will convert this $150 to FergHSC marking credits to be used throughout your HSC year.

 Getting Started

Due to the limited spots available  for both Bondi and Mosman bookings are essential. To get your spot simply be one of the first to send an email to An invoice will be sent to you with payment options.

Week One

Week Two



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