Refining your draft essays with the help of experienced HSC markers allows students to have the confidence that they are on track and writing well before handing in an assessment task at school or sitting an exam. Independent feedback from our team of experienced markers is your opportunity to better exam and assessment performance.

Most essays are 5 credits for marking with the exception of Extension modules (7 marks) and Essay Building Templates (3 marks).  Essay marking starts at $14 per essay.  Your credits can be used for any subject (see the list below).  See our pricing information for further details.


Our resources combined with our resources for your prescribed texts are designed to support your development of your essay writing skills and provide you the confidence and motivation to write your own practice responses which will result in your improvement.


Write your essay online OR prepare it offline. You can use FergHSC practice questions or submit a response to your own assessment questions.


Submitting your essay sends it straight to our team of experienced HSC markers. Your essay is marked within 72 hours and returned to you with a mark and advice on how to improve it.


Within 72 hours you will have your marked essay back in your FergHSC inbox with comments on how to improve it for next time. Use the comments to improve your future essays, or even rework the same essay and resubmit it.


Repeat this process to continue improving, you can purchase more marking credits as you need them.


Get Results Faster!

Our essay marking service complements our online essay building template, sample excellent essays and video courses which combined with writing practice responses leading into assessment tasks and exams is the fastest and surest way to improve results.  Our team of experienced HSC markers are literally checking daily to see what work has been sent in by our students so they can get it back to you with helpful suggestions on what you need to do to improve it.

We have HSC Markers for

  • Advanced English
  • Standard English
  • English Extension 1
  • English Extension 2
  • Modern History
  • Extension History
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Year 11 English
  • Year 10 English


  • 3 Cr per Essay Building Template
  • 5 Cr per Adv. or Standard English essay
  • 7 Cr per Modern History, Extension English 1, Economics, Business Studies, Extension History essay
  • 12 Cr per Extension English 2 essay

Marking Credits

Send our team of HSC markers your essays and receive a mark and valuable feedback, all within 72hr of submission. To get started, sign up become a free member to FergHSC Online and write your essays in the essay writing module. You can also add more credits through the module.



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