Doing well in the HSC isn’t just about getting a great ATAR, it’s about creating exciting opportunities for yourself so you can life a fantastic and full life. As part of a new series we are creating we are going to profile people who once upon a time were doing the HSC just like you and are now out there kicking life goals.

What course did you start at University? Bachelor of Commerce/Arts at Sydney University

What did you graduate with? Bachelor of Economics (Social Sciences) 2003

Did you know what you wanted to do for a career when you started studying?  No

Why did you choose your course? It was general and it gave me the flexibility to change course later.

Was it hard to change courses? Not at all.

What did you most enjoy about your course? The variety in the subjects.

What did you do straight after Uni? I was 23 when I graduated and moved to London where I got a job as a Personal Assistant to the CEO of a Reinsurance Broker. I lived in London for 2 years and would recommend a stint in London to everyone!

Where was the best place you travelled since finishing school? Backpacking Western Europe for 3 months with friends is hard to beat (except for my honeymoon with my amazing husband!)

What do you for work now and briefly how did you get to this position? I now work in Sydney in a Business Strategy role at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Australia. After I got back from Europe I started as a desk assistant to a team of stock brokers and from there moved to the Business Strategy role I am now in.

What piece of wisdom would you give to yourself as a Year 12 student? It’s okay not to know what you want to do but work hard so you have lots of choices.

Sarah - Business Strategy at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Sarah - Business Strategy at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management


Business/Commerce/Economics style courses

Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW) - 2012 ATAR 96.30

Bachelor of Commerce (USYD) - 2012 ATAR 94.05

Bachelor of Business (UTS) - 2012 ATAR 93.00

Bachelor of Economics(USYD) - 2012 ATAR 90.25


For a full list of Commerce/Business undergraduate courses visit UAC.