At FergHSC and The CoWorks Mosman we often liken the HSC to climbing a mountain. Mount HSC as we sometimes refer to it is a long journey filled with obstacles, challenges, triumphs, sweat and occasionally tears. Like Mountain Climbing doing well in the HSC will require hard work, planning, persistence, mentoring and guidance but if you are up for the challenge, it will be well worth the journey.

As we commence Term 1 of 2013, Year 12 students are now only 3 terms away from the offers they will receive to study at University. In addition to this, climbing Mount HSC is a journey of self discovery and self discipline that provides students the opportunity to accept responsibility for the outcomes that they create in their life.

Nothing makes us happier at FergHSC and The CoWorks Mosman than getting a phone call, text or visit from one of our ex-students who has overcome obstacles, risen up to the HSC challenge and is ready for the next exciting stage of their lives.

So here are a few tips to get you started for your journey up Mount HSC 2013.

1 - Be consistent with your studies starting from Week 1, Term 1. 3 hours per night of homework and or study throughout the Term.

2 - Start work on your assessment tasks as soon as you receive your assessment notification.

3 - Always work on the important things like writing practice essays, attempting HSC style questions rather than highlighting notes and tidying your room. Engaging with the topic through questions and writing is where a great HSC result lives.

4 - Have a balanced approach to your studies. Regular exercise and time with friends is important to your well being which is very important to a successful HSC campaign.

5 - Write down your goals for your HSC. Having a target will help maintain your focus and motivation across the dips and hills as you climb a mountain that will get steeper and steeper as the year goes on.

Regardless of what you want to achieve in your HSC year, the most important goal, in our opinion is to be able to hold your head up high as you walk out of your last HSC exam in October or November 2013 knowing that you did everything you could to get an ATAR that will open the doors of opportunity for you.

The team at FergHSC and The CoWorks Mosman are looking forward to working with you and supporting you on your HSC journey.

Ferg’s video “Need some HSC motivation?” might be a great start to your HSC campaign.