For most schools across NSW their Advanced HSC English module for Term 1 will be Module A, Comparative Study which often leads to students asking “how are these texts related?” or “how do I structure my essay?” or the big one “what is context?”

These are all reasonable questions in these early stages and as long as students take a structured approach to this module they will be able to write a great Module A essay that will be used in their upcoming assessment task, the Trial Exams and the final HSC exams.

The fact is students will only be able to write 1200 words on this essay so of the pages and pages of highlighted notes they will have in their school folder only a small percentage of the words are actually going to make it into the essay. The best way to create your own great Module A essay is to take the plunge and start writing!

For those looking for some support in their Module A text for Term 1 we have a number of options available for HSC students across Sydney as well as for students across NSW:

Online HSC Tuition

The FergHSC Online courses are used by our regular our face to face students throughout their HSC campaigns and these same courses are available to students across NSW. These courses come with one essay marking however you can also submit your draft essay for marking even if you haven’t purchased the online course by becoming a free member.
Links to courses

  • Frankenstein/Bladerunner online HSC tuition course
  • John Donne/W;t online HSC tuition course
  • Pride & Prejudice/Letters to Alice online HSC tuition course
  • Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf/ A Room of One’s Own online HSC tuition course

Seminars at our Mosman HSC tuition centre “The CoWorks Mosman”

  • Frankenstein/Bladerunner seminar Thursday 21st of February 5pm. Book now. 
  • John Donne/W;t seminar Thursday 21st of February 6:15pm. Book now. 
  • Pride & Prejudice/Letters to Alice Sunday 3rd of March 10am. Book now.
  • Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf/ A Room of One’s Own Sunday 3rd of March 11:15am. Book now. 

3 hour weekend expert HSC support and supervised study sessions

Come into our Mosman HSC tuition centre on Friday from 4pm to 7pm or Sunday from 10am to 1pm to get expert support to build your very own A Range essay for this HSC English Module.

Regular face to face HSC tuition

We run comprehensive HSC tuition programmes in Bondi Junction and Mosman. We have a proven system for teaching HSC students the skill of essay writing. Contact us to find out more.


Stay positive about a great HSC English result in 2013