It’s been six weeks since your holidays started, so would it be fair to say that you have had a reasonable break? I would think so!

So how can you get some worthwhile  preparation in the next few weeks so when you do start  back at school you have done some training and you are ready for action?
At FergHSC we’ve started back on the 27th of December with a few hours a day before NewYear’s Eve. Then in the new year we ramped it up to a full working day. Now we are at full steam but note if took us a week to get to that point we think that this being well and truly ready by the time school starts will give you a serious advantage for the first round of assessment tasks.

We realise that you’ve always had school holidays – right?

Well it’s time to think a bit differently, of all the years that you have had at school this is the one that really matters. Why? Because in about 38 weeks you will be doing your HSC so every one of those weeks count. You can’t avoid wasting time spending the first few weeks back, waking up, learning, about everyone else’s holidays. You need to hit the ground running.


In this year, your HSC year, it is time to take control of your own learning with help from your school and for that even better result our services at FergHSC. Great HSC candidates are people who take responsibility for their own HSC.

Remember that you are doing the HSC for you, for your future; sorry to tell you this but your school probably won’t remember who you are in 5 years time. But what you did while you were at that school and the ATAR that you get will probably have a seriously big impact on what you will be doing in 5 years time.


Ok so what can you do now to get into the HSC groove?

•    Doing Hamlet in Term 1? – Watch the Mel Gibson version and a few of Ferg’s HSC Hamlet tutorials online.

•    Doing calculus in maths? – Check the textbook to see what that is about.  Spend an hour going over the topics you covered in Term 4.

•    Doing Weimar Germany? Yep, read the textbook. Have a look at the film called Mephisto by the Hungarian director Istvan Szabo. It will give a great sense of what the effect of extremist politics was on Weimar Germany  (sorry, no soundtrack by Maroon 5 though)

•    Check our FergHSC’s free stuff study tips and motivational videos on our YouTube channel.

•    Keep your fitness up. Fitness First offers free membership during school holidays for students.
•    Write down some goals for the year.

•    Think about those 18th birthday parties.  Yes you are still supposed to have fun.

•    Write yourself a plan called “The Next Seven Years”.  Most studies suggest that successful people have long term goals so start now!